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We should listen to the voice of conscience. It does not take nearly as much courage as one might think to admit to our mistakes and learn from them. Human beings are in this world to learn and to change themselves in learning."

- Traudl Junge (March 16 1920 - February 10 2002)

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I would like to call myself a Linux software developer who works mostly in lower layers of the software stack. I love to write/hack into other open source programs and contribute to various projects within the Linux open source community as well. I have worked for various networking companies, startups, mid-size public companies etc in/around Vancouver, Canada area for many years. Although originally from India, I have lived in Canada for many years. I now live in India, Bangalore area.

I am very passionate about tennis & an avid 3.5+ level recreational player and love to hit with hitters of intermediate level. I have also played cricket, badminton and soccer at various stages of my life. I love traveling, photography, books, strength training and fitness and enjoy the outdoor life.

I completed my post graduate M.Sc degree from the Department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia. I was affiliated with Networks Systems and Security Research Group under the supervision of Dr. Charles 'Buck' Krasic. I collaborated with Dr. Ashvin Goel, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Toronto regarding my masters' thesis work. Buck no longer works for UBC but is now employed at Google in their Mountain View, California campus.

This is my one and only permanent homepage to publicize my work. My contributions to upstream Linux kernel can be tracked using this and this. I have contributed to other open source packages from time to time. For example, I have contributed to libpcap (see the CREDITS file in libpcap source and also see this acknowledgement from Michael).

My _official_ blog entries are mostly about the books I read or the movies I watch or some of my weird experiences I might have had. Except the "techie" category in the blog, I try to write stuff completely orthogonal to the tech environment in which I live, thrive and earn my living. Feel free to leave a note.

I take deep interest in the ongoing affordability crisis in Vancouver, realstate related criminal activities and the colateral damage this has caused in the city. Send me a tweet or email if you want to get involved in finding solutions.

I own the following domains and currently all of them point to this page:



My research interests primarily include Operating Systems & Real Time OS. My M.Sc thesis title was:

Achieving Predictable Timing and Fairness Through Cooperative Polling

Please feel free to check our project homepage:

My undergraduate project on AVOS development: (no longer maintained)

A repository of most of my undergrad projects (mostly in VB and VC) is here.


Conference Papers:


  • Charles Krasic, Mayukh Saubhasik, Anirban Sinha and Ashvin Goel, " Fair and Timely Scheduling via Cooperative Polling", In proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Systems (Eurosys), Nuremberg, Germany, March/April 2009. [ PDF ]


  • Charles C Krasic, Anirban Sinha and Lowell Kirsh, " Priority-Progress CPU Adaptation for Elastic Real-Time Applications", Fourteenth Annual Multimedia Computing and Networking Conference (MMCN), San Jose, California, United States, January 2007. [ PDF ] [ Presentation Slides ]


  • Satyajit Chakrabarti, Son Vuong, Anirban Sinha, Rajashree Paul, BlueMobile: A mobile IP based Handoff system for Bluetooth,802.11 and GPRS links", IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC), Las Vegas, Neveda, United States, January 2005. [PDF]


  • Satyajit Chakrabarti, Son Vuong, Anirban Sinha, Rajashree Paul, Convergence in Bluetooth and 802.11 Networks", IEEE Sponsored International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCOM), Split, Croatia, October 2004. [PDF


  • Anirban Sinha, Charles Krasic and Ashvin Goel, "Achieving Predictable Timing and Fairness Through Cooperative Polling", 21st ACM Symposium on Operating System Principles (SOSP), Stevenson, Washington, United States, October 2007. [ abstract] [POSTER]


  • Anirban Sinha, "Design of a 32-bit Multitasking Operating System", Undergraduate Thesis. The Institute of Engineering & Management. June 2002. [ PDF ]
  • Anirban Sinha, "Achieving Predictable Timing and Fairness Through Cooperative Polling", Masters Thesis. The University of British Columbia. November 2007. [ PDF ] [ Presentation Slides ]


  • Share access of allocated storage space via in-memory file system between virtual machines
    • Patent number: 9703582
    • Abstract: A method or network system able to efficiently redistribute information, data, and/or context between virtual machines (VMs) using an in-memory file system (IMFS) is disclosed. After requesting memory access by an application program, a process of VM using IMFS is able to forward the memory allocation request from a VM kernel operating under a VM environment to an emulator. The emulator, which operates between the VM kernel and the hypervisor, again redirects the memory allocation request to the hypervisor for storage allocation. The hypervisor subsequently allocates at least a portion of storage space in the IMFS in accordance with the memory allocation request.
    • Type: Grant
    • Filed: September 7, 2012
    • Date of Patent: July 11, 2017
    • Assignee: Tellabs Operations, Inc.
    • Inventors:  Chakravarthi S. Chigurapati (Palo Alto, CA), Praveen Madhav (San Jose, CA), Sebastian Sapa (Vancouver), Anirban Sinha (Vancouver), Travis Frederick Brown (New Westminister), Duncan Stuart Ritchie (Bowen Island)
  • Hitless upgrades of a container of a network element
    • Patent number: 10445089
    • Abstract: A method and apparatus of a network element that hitlessly upgrades a network element operating system of a network element is described. In an exemplary embodiment, the network element hitlessly upgrades the network element operating system by instantiating a second container and starts a second set of processes using a second image of the network element operating system in the second container. In addition, the network element executes a first image of the network element operating system as a first set of processes in a first container. The network element additionally synchronizes state data between the first set of processes and the second set of processes. Furthermore, the network element sets the second set of processes as managing a plurality of hardware tables, and stops the first set of processes within the first container.
    • Type: Grant
    • Filed: Jun 16, 2017
    • Date of Patent: Oct 15, 2019
    • Assignee: Arista Networks, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA).
    • Inventors:  Sudip Regmi (Fremont, CA), Udayakumar Srinivasan (Fremont, CA), Kenneth James Duda (Menlo Park, CA), Anirban Sinha (Vancouver)

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