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Following are the projects I did during my undergrad days:

A. Visual Basic Developments:

1. Image Analysis (Version: 2.1)

An excellent Image Analysis program that can be used to analyze and modify existing JPEG, BMP and GIF Images.  Supports operations such as negating, blurring, sharpening, edge detection, custom filter effects, resizing, rotating, embossing, engraving, drawing on images, text insertion and many other such standard operations. Also includes codecs for JPEG and GIF conversion. Developed primarily for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

PLATFORM: Windows 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP Pro, XP Home (Runs with all the  features active in Windows 2000 and XP only).

2. IEM Chat (Version 3.0)

This is an excellent peer-to-peer chatting program that INCORPORATES Yahoo! messenger like INSTANT MESSENGING ENVIRONMENTS ("falling hearts", "snowbound", "wanna kiss", "in your arms"). Its actually a LAN chat that I developed for my college, IEM. It was primarily used to exchange messages and files between two individuals sitting on two terminals, physically far apart, perhaps in two different floors. It can also be used for standard chatting tool. Supports saving of chat sessions, printing conversations, BUZZING, 42 entertaining EMOTICONS, message formatting features like bold, italics and underlining and many more such yahoo! messenger like features.
We tested this on the World Wide Web too. It worked pretty fine, once the IP's were properly assigned and configured in IEM chat.

PLATFORM: Developed in Windows XP Pro & Windows 98. Expected to run satisfactorily in Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000, Windows 98/Me & Windows NT4. However Windows XP is recommended since some IMEnvironments runs slower in Windows 98/Me.

3. Family Phone Book (Version 2.0)

This is a complete address book software developed for keeping track of phone numbers and addresses. Features include multiple user account facility with individual account password protection, categorizing contacts under different heads, searching, addition, deletion, modification of records etc. Has separate administrator account feature that has unrestrained access to all other user accounts.

PLATFORM: Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP Pro, XP Home.

4. 8 Queens (Version 1.0)

This is a simple program that solves the famous 8 queens problem. The problem is to place 8 queens on the chessboard such that no single queen can kill any other 8 queens. There are 92 different possibilities. The solution is graphical, meaning that the queens are actually arranged on a virtual chessboard from one configuration to another. So, the user can verify easily that the queens are not actually killing each other.

PLATFORM: Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP Pro, XP Home.

Credit Limit Monitoring System Development--Summer Training Project at ITC LTD, Kolkata, India.

Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP Pro, XP Home.

B. C++ Developments:

6. Quest 2000 (Version 2000)

This is a millennium edition of a DOS based, graphical, mouse enabled address book software with password protection capabilities. It uses some of the most sophisticated techniques that C provides for its developers. Features include adding, deleting, editing, searching (direct and sequential) of records, attractive user interface, password disabling etc.

PLATFORM: Windows 95 and above with DOS command interface.

7. Miscellaneous Algorithmic Projects implemented in Visual C++ using Standard Template Library (STL).

Each of the following projects demonstrate superior use of object oriented programming techniques and methodology that can be used in C++ in an STL environment. Projects are modular, each module engaged in a specific function and modules are designed so that they can be reused in any other projects that need the use those functions.

PLATFORM FOR COMPILATION: Windows 95 and above, Microsoft Visual C++ 6 compiler (a component of Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0)

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